The Woman of West Islip would like to congratulate our 2021 WOWI Philanthropic Scholarship Award Recipients.

WOWI wishes continued success to all of our WOWI Philanthropic Scholarship Award Recipients!


2021 - Sophia Guitierrez, Carly McCaffrey

2020 - Hailey Bussa, Marisa Calderone, Kiersten Dolan

2019 - Gabrielle Camillery, Claudia Mangiamele, Madison Meyers and Juliana Orkin

2018 - Natalie Cosentino, Emily McLeer and Julia Rathje

2017 - Natalie Frazier, Lena Seltzer and Allison Tantone

2016 - Helen Filosa, Samantha Montalbano, Alicia Villafana and Tara Zanni

2015 - Alexis Delaney, Sarah Feminella and Amanda Quinn

2014 - Caitlin Cosentino, Olivia De Milt, Brooke DiPalma and Erin VanDette

2013 - Kimberly DeRosa and Tiffanie Rodenberg

2012 - Jannah Gallozzi and Alysha Walker

2011 - Margaret Frodell

Congratulations girls. We are so proud of you.

Special thanks to our Scholarship Committee, Chair, Pati Smith, Barbara Krucher and Barbara Mariarossi for your time and service. We really do appreciate all of you. 
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